I did indeed use the Grill Plate last weekend and I was very pleased with the results. I had two 10-pound hams to bake, and I put them in separate pans on top of the Grill Plate. The Grill Plate worked exactly as advertised, and the hams baked thoroughly and evenly. I'll be honest; I was a bit nervous about spending 90 bucks for a piece of metal, but after seeing it work, I'm completely convinced that it was a good purchase! The Grill Plate is going to make my gas grill a much more versatile appliance.

Happy Thanksgiving from a satisfied customer!


Yes I received the grill pan and I actually used it the day I got it. Like I mentioned in my email I had many apples sitting on my kitchen table. I baked an apple pie and it turned out great. I then baked an apple cake and it was delicious. I have used the grill plate twice this week and I am very happy with the results. I will spread the word to all my friends and family.

Thanks for the follow up. Happy Baking !!

Mary NJ


"When I received my Grill Plate, I have to admit that I was reluctant to try it. I was so reluctant, that I did not even open the box for two weeks. Then one Saturday afternoon my wife was making some blueberry pies and I was grilling some chicken. I told her, "Let's give the Grill Plate a try," and I have to say, that I was pleasantly surprised. Those pies cooked perfectly. I could not believe it. Then the next night we had company over and I told our guests that we were going to have a cake for dessert and I was going to cook it on my grill. They thought I was crazy, but after eating my pound cake, they too were convinced that this Grill Plate was the way to go. As long is your grill has been well cleaned, with no old meat, etc. left on the grill, the Grill Plate cooks just as well as any oven, and it is so convenient because the grill is already hot!! Does a great job."

P.S. I have even cooked muffins on it! And even plan on cooking my pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

Richard C Myers


"Grill Innovations' Grill Plate is a double-layer aluminum baking plate. What it does is allow you to convert your grill into a convection oven. Using direct heat, the Grill Plate allows rising heat to move around the plate and whatever you place on top of it. I’ve had one to play with for the last week or two and I have “baked” pizzas, bread, and even a cookie sheet full of frozen french fries. Considering it has been in the upper 90s around here the past few weeks, it has been great not to have to heat up the oven. The Grill Plate does what it promises. It really does let you put any dish you might want on the grill instead of in the oven. This is definitely a great product for people living in parts of the country prone to hurricanes, who may need to cook without electricity for long periods of time."

Derrick Riches Guide to Barbecue & Grilling